Poland–United States relations

Poland is a stalwart ally in Central Europe and one of the United States’ strongest partners on the continent in fostering transatlantic security and prosperity and in promoting democracy in Eastern Europe and around the world. The United States and Poland partner closely on issues such as NATO capabilities, democratization, counterterrorism, nonproliferation, missile defense, human rights, economic growth and innovation, energy security, and regional cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe. Poland jointly hosts the NATO Multinational Corps Northeast in its territory, is a framework nation under the very high readiness joint task force (VJTF), and is scheduled to host the 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw. Poland has contributed to operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. Poland hosts a U.S. aviation detachment and will host a NATO ballistic missile defense site under the European Phased Adaptive Approach scheduled for completion in 2018. Poland facilitates numerous military exercises, and, in 2015, over 5,000 U.S. military personnel will have participated in exercises there under Operation Atlantic Resolve and other NATO exercises. The strong U.S.-Poland relationship and shared commitment to freedom date back to the American Revolution, when Polish heroes such as Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski aided our cause. The United States established diplomatic relations with the newly formed Polish Republic in 1919. Poland was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II. A communist regime took power in 1947 following the war. In 2014, Poland celebrated the 25th anniversary of the 1989 end of communist rule, the 15th anniversary of its membership in NATO, and the 10th anniversary of its membership in the European Union.

Source: U.S. State Department